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West Coast Trip for Students: the Guide

One of the most magnificent experiences in the USA is the West Coast. This is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. You may have many road trip routes. Cheap car rental under 21 would help you to have some alternative routes to go. Prepare some money, and here you go.

The Normal Routes to Go

There are some routes you may choose from. Cheap car rentals under 21 should be booked soon. It is because the gas in West Coast is expensive. Therefore, the cheap car at least would help you to maintain the budget. About the route, here are some options to drive to.

  1. Pacific coast highway. This is the most popular route. You will see the amazing coastline around. Start from Southern California. Enjoy the worthy surf swells and dramatic cliffs with palm trees. The temperate rainforest welcomes you in Olympic Peninsula. Most people spend more time on this route because some interesting cities need to be visited. They are  Seattle, Sana Barbara, and Los Angeles.
  2. The Basins. Cheap car rentals under 21 would bring you to start the trip to California. Continue to pass Yosemite, Tahoe, and Lake Mono before you move to the

Essential Thing to See in Pittsburgh During your Trip

If you are looking for great fun and exciting places, the Pittsburgh area is perfect for you: from golf courses to full-fledged theme parks – there is plenty to do to please even the most determined coaster fan. Look no further than Pittsburgh to give you excitement, fatigue, and preparation for more.

Idlewild and Kennywood Park

Visit theme parks at Idlewood Park and even Kennywood Park to satisfy your thirst for the roller coaster and wild water walks. Do not leave anything undiscovered in these two great parks. With lots of fun for older and younger people in the group, you are sure to find the perfect rides that will give you thrill and excitement. From huge beaches to wonderful walks for young children, these two magnificent parks will delight you and will be ready to win your next walk in the park.

Miniature golf

Looking for a great golf game? Then check out the minigolf location and find a wonderful set of 18 hole golf courses and plenty of go-karts to move your best players. Look for footage with one eye to end the day, and even look at the bumper to enjoy the great water fun for everyone …